It's Better To Talk

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About MANUP.

With the sudden passing of our Vice Chairman in 2018, the GL3 Community Hub Charity has become a champion for men’s mental health and recognise the importance of supporting those who are experiencing difficult times. Unfortunately, ‘talking’ is something that many men find difficult.

In January 2020 the Charity formed a men’s mental health group called ‘Man Up Gloucestershire’ with the idea of encouraging men who are struggling an opportunity to chat to likeminded individuals in an effort to offer support as a coping tool.

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of men Do Not Talk Openly To Their Friends About Their Problems


TUESDAY EVENINGS 19:00 - 20:30


Poor mental health can be triggered by many factors and can come in many forms; of which low income, unemployment, marital issues, addictions, PTSD, child maintenance are just a few, and since the global pandemic, medical experts are concerned about further impacts as people worry about their health, employment, isolation and trying to support families.

Men are all too often taught emotion is a sign of weakness, we don’t want to drop our mask and let people know our fears and problems, we often suppress emotions, we become someone who we don’t even know.

Gloucestershire’s men’s suicide rate remains significantly higher than the national rate. (Public Health England Suicide Prevention Profile, 2015). Each and every suicide is a tragedy which has devastating effect on families, friends, colleagues and the wider community. Men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women. These high suicide rates are inclusive of all ages however, young men, and more recently, middle aged men have become the age groups at highest risk

What We Do.

ManUp Gloucestershire offers a weekly drop-in session of community peer support, where men over 18 throughout the county can come to chat.

We encourage any men who have experienced mental health issues or are facing or have faced challenges to attend, whether it be to share their stories, inspire others, or to get out of the house and socialise with like-minded people. With our uncertain times it’s important for men to talk. Our group also aim to introduce individuals to effective tools for coping with any issues that they may have: We have had taster session of yoga, meditation, mind fulness, breathing and exercise techniques, and organise walks and outdoor activities once a month